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Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of forced air cooling solutions, ranging from stand alone thermal fans and pulsejets to complex air cooling systems. In stock, ready to ship fans, fan heat sink combos, SynJets, and more are available for purchase on the online store. Aavid fans can be easily matched with Aavid heat sinks and thermal interface materials for a full thermal solution. Request a quote to save on assembly time by having Aavid assemble and ship these complete thermal systems.

For custom solutions, including ruggedized fans, air cooled systems, and heat exchangers, please contact Aavid Engineering.

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Air Cooling Solutions:


Aavid fans are available with hundreds of options that are in stock and ready to ship. Thousands of options for other feature combinations not found on the store are available to order. Choose from a wide range of flow capacities, voltages, frame sizes, and speeds. Custom fans including those with higher IP ratings or larger frame sizes are available to meet more rigid application requirements.

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Choose from standard Aavid fan and Aavid heat sink combinations for a ready to ship solution for an optimized, readily assembled cooling solution or mix and match Aavid's fans and heat sinks to meet your application specific requirements.

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Aavid’s patented pulsejet technology generates highly efficient turbulent air flow that allows for frictionless, more reliable hot spot cooling. Pair Aavid SynJets, which utilize this technology, with  specially engineered LED heat sinks for high performance LED cooling for all major light engine manufacturers.

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Aavid Blowers are popular for small form factor electronics because of low profile and high performance cooling. All blowers are fully custom to meet application needs.

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Heat Exchangers

Optimize full thermal system performance with custom air to air, liquid to air, or air to liquid heat exchangers. Learn more about Aavid Heat Exchanger Capabilities.



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