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Liquid cooled systems are an attractive option for cooling high density heat loads and high power electronics due to liquid's high heat capacity compared to air cooled systems. Aavid offers a large portfolio of liquid cooling from smaller scale solutions at the device or enclosure level, but can design and fabricate larger full system and facility level liquid cooling. Our solutions range from small off-the-shelf cold plates to complex, fully customized liquid cooled systems that utilize a wide array of technologies. Aavid liquid cooling solutions provide applications such as test equipment, electric vehicles, and data centers higher thermal performance, increased reliability, and better efficiency on all system levels.

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Liquid Cooling Solutions:


Liquid Cold Plates

Aavid offers the broadest array of liquid cold plate technologies, including a range of geometries such as fine channel, micro channel, vortex, and Hi-Contact™ tube. Fabrication methods include vacuum, dip, and CAB brazing as well as pressed tubes. 

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Liquid Systems

Our wide range of technologies and manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide customizable modular solutions as well as fully integrated liquid systems. Aavid's liquid cooling solutions are ideal for many applications including smaller consumer electronics up to building-sized data center liquid cooling systems.


Liquid to Liquid & Liquid to Air Heat Exchangers

Aavid manufactures heat exchangers that can be quoted separately or as part of a custom liquid system. Popular heat exchanger construction types include cross flow, counter flow, single or multi-pass, and multi-core and multi-circuit systems. 

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