Passive Air

Passive air cooled solutions include a range of natural convection heat sinks and are inherently more reliable than forced convection cooling as there are no moving parts. Applications existing in harsh and demanding environments tend to rely more heavily on these natural convection cooling solutions when reliability is critical.

Aavid manufactures a wide array of passive heat sink solutions ranging across stamped heat sinks for board level cooling, extruded heat sinks specifically designed to optimize convective flow, and custom die cast solutions. Additionally, Aavid Genie, an online design tool, aids engineers in designing and optimizing both natural convection and forced convection heat sinks. Try it free today.

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Passive Thermal Solutions:

Board Level Heat Sinks

Aavid offers thousands of board level cooling options that can be used with or without forced air flow. Choose from multiple device options, geometries, and sizes.

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Extruded Aluminum Heat Sinks

Choose from hundreds of natural convection profiles. Aluminum extrusions are available in raw bar, half, bar, cut to length, machined and custom designed.

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Advanced Fin Types

Aavid also design and manufactures skived fin, bonded fin, and brazed heat sinks for natural convection solutions.

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