Passive Liquid

Passive liquid solutions include two phase cooling in which vapor is used to transfer heat. These solutions include heat pipe assemblies, vapor chambers, and thermosiphons and offer reliable, high performance cooling for devices with high heat loads or for applications that require remote cooling. Additionally, embedding heat pipes into your heat sink base improves base spreading for higher performance, more uniform cooling. 

As a pioneer in this industry, Aavid designs and manufactures passive two phase cooling solutions and systems for a wide range of applications including everything from aerospace and defense to consumer electronics.

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Embedded Heat Pipes & Heat Pipe Assemblies

Aavid is the leading industry expert in embedded heat pipes and heat pipe assemblies. Aavid also offers heat pipe kits for prototyping and testing.

Vapor Chamber Assemblies

Aavid has a number of options for improved cooling with vapor chambers, including ultra-thin titanium and copper.


These complex systems are ideal for applications that require both high performance cooling and high reliability. These are an excellent alternative to active liquid cooled systems.



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Vapor Chamber Passive Liquid Solutions