Aavid Genie - Online Heat Sink Design Tool


What is Aavid Genie

Aavid’s new Virtual Thermal Engineer, Aavid Genie, allows engineers to design manufacturable cooling solutions in minutes!

The Aavid Genie online thermal design tool guides engineers step by step in designing a heat sink to fit design requirements and provides simulations and thermal reports on that heat sink’s performance. All heat sinks designed through Aavid Genie can be quoted and manufactured by Aavid and technical drawings and models can be purchased.

The Aavid Genie is a pay per solve application and requires no subscription or licensing fees, and can be used as often or as rarely as needed.

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Aavid Genie Features Include:

  • Multiple Heat Sources and Heat Source Placement 
  • Customization for Each Heat Source
  • Flow Rate and Direction
  • Basic Heat Pipe Modeling
  • Multiple Heat Sink Constructions/Fin Types 
  • Technology and Flow Rate Comparison Matrices 
  • Thermal Contouring and Multi Directional Views
  • Drawings and 3D CAD Model Development




Aavid Genie Simulation Screen Shot


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